VANS supports the Artist Resale Right (ARR) proposed by CARFAC-RAAV

Alongside many arts organizations nationally, who advocate on behalf of the arts and artists, Visual Arts Nova Scotia is among them to endorse the inclusion of Artist Resale Right in changes to the Copyright Act through Bill C-32.

With rigor, CARFAC, the national association of visual artists in Canada and their Quebec partner RAAV are working with the federal government to have the Artist Resale Right included in changes to the Copyright Act through Bill C-32.

The Artist Resale Right would guarantee that artists receive 5% from subsequent sales of their work through auction houses and commercial galleries. Visual Arts Nova Scotia hopes along with CARFAC-RAAV and several other organizations nationally, that Canadian parliament will approve the Artists Resale Right and acknowledge artists as professional producers who are indebted to a percentage of the profits made possible by the work of Canadian artists.

For more information about the Artist Resale Right and to learn how to advocate for this artist right, please visit

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