VANS in Residence at The Woodlawn Public Library

Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Halifax Public Libraries are thrilled to announce that
Sherry Lynn Jollymore has been selected as artist in residence for the program taking place at Woodlawn Public Library for the month of March.

This 4-week residency is a chance for the artist to have a focused period of work that will see them deeply engaged in their own practice, and working with youth at Woodlawn Public Library.  These elements will come together and create a dynamic environment for learning and creation.

This year, VANS in Residence brings a partnership with Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Woodlawn Public Library to this Dartmouth community. Artist Sherry Lynn Jollymore will be “in residence” at the Woodlawn Public Library.  Her work will bring the thoughts, inspirations and actions of the working artist into this library.  Community members may choose to watch, to join in, and to find their own inspirations.  Sherry will make her own work, have open studio hours, lead hands-on workshops and give artist talks.  Andrea Ritchie of VANS says.  “The Woodlawn library is a terrific partner for this project!  The library is a place of community connection and learning – a town square- a great place to get people involved in art making and appreciation.”

Sherry is a fan of the fantastic, awe inspiring and funny, reflecting these qualities in all that she makes.  Primarily a textile artist using recycled and found materials, she incorporates elements of sculpture and often performance to create wearable pieces of art.  Sherry has created touring outfits for Rickie Lee Jones and Buck 65.  Sherry has been part of many collaborations and group shows, and has realized a long-held dream of constructing a town from baloney, Baloney Town on Ketchup Lake.

“My work usually has humour or a lightness running through it.  I like making people feel awe, feeling inspired or just a sense of lightness even for a minute.  Life is a heavy endeavor and remembering we are spiritual beings having a human experience can be easier to access through humour and lightheartedness.”  -SLJ

This project is supported by  the HRM Residence Initiative.

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