Upcoming Peer Review Groups

Get a fresh set of eyes with Visual Arts Nova Scotia’s Peer Application Review Groups

Visual Arts Nova Scotia is facilitating an eight week peer-review process to help members strengthen their upcoming proposals. Artists will get and give feedback on applications from 2 peers, matched based on the type of application that is being made.

“I have to say our emails to one another and this general process has been extremely helpful!” – Carly Butler, 2014 participant.

Participants will be given two rough draft deadlines and will be expected to send edits back to their peers the following week. To participate in a Peer Application Review Group, members can sign up on our website: http://www.visualarts.ns.ca/programs/peer-application-review-groups/ by March 9, 2014.

In line with current peer support and educational programming such as the VANS Mentorship Program and Professional Development Workshop Series, the Peer Application Review Groups encourage members to connect and develop their professional practices.

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