Suzanne Gauthier – October Artist Profile

IMG_7109Suzanne Gauthier was born in Lorette Manitoba and studied and taught at the University of Manitoba (BFA Honours 1969). She moved to Toronto in 1979 and to Montreal in the mid-1980’s, where she participated in a number of exhibitions and visiting artist programs.  In 1989 she relocated to Halifax to teach full time at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  The recipient of several Canada Council grants, as well as grant awards from the provinces of Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, she has also been a member of the selection jury for the Canada Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage Department.  Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout Canada and is represented in public collections in Canada and the U.S. A book of her drawings, “Fox River Diaries”, was published by Ink, Inc. in 2006.  In 2007 she participated in the exhibition “The Ulsan/Halifax Project” taking place in Ulsan, Korea, and in 2012 her work was included in an exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland. An exhibition of 40 years of her works on paper Over the Sofa was held in her studio/gallery Sleeping Dog Studio in the Fall of 2013.

Suzanne Gauthier, Rain On Fox River, digital photograph, 2014

Suzanne Gauthier, Rain On Fox River, digital photograph, 2014

connecting to a pool of artists

I’ve been a strong supporter of arts organizations for a long time and have been a member of the equivalent of VANS in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec before moving to Halifax in 1989. The benefits I’ve enjoyed from these arts organizations are opportunities for teaching in schools, exhibitions, disability insurance and connecting to a pool of artists with shared interests.

In the late 90s, after sitting on the VANS board as treasurer, I became Exhibition Co-ordinator, helping to develop and implement the province wide series of exhibitions which took place in 2000. Currently my VANS membership is valuable to me for providing information regarding residencies, exhibitions, and other opportunities via email and Visual Arts News.

fluid transitions from one medium to another

Drawing has been a constant in my studio practice and has informed all my work—mixed media collage, printmaking, photography, sculpture and painting.  As a fine arts student at the University of Manitoba in the 60s, a large influence was the French School, Degas, Picasso, Matisse, Leger and others. Their impressive range, skill at drawing, fluid transitions from one medium to another, each body of work informing the next, has stayed with me and in a sense, has granted me permission to experiment with different mediums as well.

Contemporary influences are many and varied—the first two to come to mind are Christian Boltanski and Sigmar Polke.

lack of time

I suspect the challenge I’ve faced is the one common to most artists—lack of time. The need to make a living cuts into most artists’ time, though I was very fortunate starting out in Winnipeg to have a tolerant employer, Gordon Reimer. He ran a display/interior design company and hired me as needed for various contracts or I’d call him up whenever I was short of money.  This gave me a great deal of free time and experience with different materials.

My parents very generously gave us, their daughters, part of our inheritance during their lifetime, which amounted to a small yearly grant.  In addition, Canada Council Art Bank sales, provincial and federal grants, Artists in the Schools programs—all contributed to my income and a measure of independence.

In Toronto in the early 80s I sold my ceramics at Prime Canadian Craft and the Gardiner Museum shop, and sold aniline dyed silk to a bookbinder and a dressmaker. My advice to young artists is to encourage resourcefulness and flexibility to investigate all avenues.

moving water

Since retiring from teaching at NSCAD U. in July 2013 I have gone through my works on paper done over the past 40 years, discarding some and selecting others for the exhibition Over the Sofa held at Sleeping Dog Studio/Gallery last November. Most of the early works on paper were recorded on slides which necessitated taking digital photos of 100s of prints and drawings. I then set up a website/blog Over the Sofa 2 will take place this year, opening November 14 to December 14 as part of a 5 year project.  All are welcome!

My mixed media drawings have been exhibited in 4 group shows in 2013. Since May I’ve been taking photos of moving water, in Nova Scotia ponds and rivers, for my solo exhibition Acquainted with Light, October 16-31, as part of Photopolis.  Large scale black and white prints 42” x 60” from 1987 will be hung next to the current series of digital colour photos at Sleeping Dog Studio Gallery. The two series display a similar interest in light, shadow and movement.

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7 Responses to Suzanne Gauthier – October Artist Profile

  1. A wonderful and vital career! Congratulations and best wishes from Charlotte.

  2. Yvonne Ritchie says:

    Great work.
    I am wondering if you are the same Susan that did two paintings for us back in the sixties one was a picture we had taken from Butchart gardens .inVictoria
    the other was a little cabin in the mountains both beautiful.My inlaws lived in Lorette.
    yvonne Ritchie

  3. Yvonne Ritchie says:

    Great work I think I have 2 of your paintings that you did for us back in the sixties one was a painting taken from a photo from Butchart gardens in Victoria B.C and the other was a little cabin in the mountains both beautiful. My inlaws lived in Lorette.

  4. Judith Hodgson says:

    Hello Suzanne,
    I have one of your early prints..Salty Days…which I acquired when I worked at Klinic in Winnipeg, where I had the privilege of meeting you. It is a joy to see how your career has been, and I wish you many more years of creating wonderful art. I am now an old woman, living in Victoria where there is beauty around every corner.

  5. Dr. Jane Ely says:

    Dear Suzanne: How amazing your career has been, rich, diverse and vital. We met many years ago when I worked for the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I purchased two of your raku horses–which I still have and treasure. The horses have moved all over the world with me. You may know me by my former married name, Jane Christiani [Head of Extension Services for WAG, 1977-1980].
    I am moving back home to Nova Scotia this August, 2018 and would love to reconnect with you. My contact information is listed below. Blessings, Jane

  6. Lise Gaboury says:

    Hello, I am a University Professor from Manitoba seeking to contact Suzanne Gauthier as I would like her to participate in a book project I am working on about Franco-Manitoban women. Unfortunately, I can not seem to find her address (email or postal) and am hoping someone will help me get in touch with her.
    Merci! Thank you in advance.

  7. Leslie Zagrobelny ( Gauthier) says:

    I am looking for information on a cousin of my fathers. Her name was Noel Gauthier. She was possibly born in Lorette Manitoba. That’s where my father was born. I have a painting of hers, it was given to my Dad by her. Any information would be appreciated.

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