Shimmers/Vibrations – Hugh Mater

Corridor Gallery

Lone traveler prepares to cross an icy stretch

Hugh Mater, Lone traveler prepares to cross an icy stretch, lithograph, 14″ x 19″ 2011

corridor gallery
Hugh Mater
November 9 – December 13, 2012

Emerging interdisciplinary artist Hugh Mater shows prints of faith in his exhibition Shimmers/Vibrations, on view in the Corridor Gallery from November 8  – December 13, 2012.  Mater describes the impetus of the work exhibited:

The work explores how an individual reacts in the face of adversity, and the advantages of community and faith.  The pieces use psychedelic colour gradations, ominous black shapes, as well as subtle and fluid line to weave the tale of a traveler, separated from the group. By manipulating religious and pop culture imagery, a physical voyage into the unknown serves as a metaphor for innate humanity and yearning for salvation. Divine hallucinations meander through the dark and the grotesque, and then give way to a glorious higher power. I believe it is important to question the roles that faith, spirituality and compassion play in modern day decision making and problem solving, esspecially in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. These works are my attempts at coming to terms with how myself and others rationalize existence and personal ideals.

Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Mater draws as a way of synthesizing his environment. His interest in printmaking brought him to NSCAD in 2010 after completing foundation at OCAD University in Toronto. His engagement with philosophies of spirituality and medicine stems from his family’s dual investment in ministerial work and alternative healing methods. Mater is currently completing his BFA at NSCAD, with an upcoming exhibition at the Anna Leonowens in the spring of 2013.

Located inside the Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) office at the Halifax Seaport, since 2000, the Corridor Gallery is complimented by a historical legacy of Nova Scotia culture, simple yet modern architectural elements and an array of current cultural activity in the Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia office. The Corridor Gallery is located at 1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia and is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.


Corridor Gallery
Giving members of Visual Arts Nova Scotia an opportunity to create an exhibition of their work.


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