Protect Your Love Artist Book Now Available for Purchase Online

Pages from D'arcy cat v4b-2Protect Your Love
Artist: D’Arcy Wilson
Published by Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Khyber Centre for the Arts

This artist book was published as part of the Re-Focus Sustainable Art Residency in collaboration with the Ecology Action Centre and the Khyber Centre for the Arts.  Introductions by Briony Carros (Executive Director, Visual Arts Nova Scotia) and Daniel Joyce (Artistic Director, Khyber Centre for the Arts), as well as an interview with D’Arcy by James MacSwain.

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During her time as artist in residence, D’Arcy Wilson traveled to wilderness areas throughout the province of Nova Scotia where she installed campsites and surrounded them with an electric fence for protection. Subsequently communication stations (groupings of walkie-talkies placed in the forest) were established around the sites— a fair distance away, but still visible with binoculars. Standing within the perimeter of her fence, Wilson used the transmitting walkie-talkie to speak to the wildlife around her while still maintaining a safe distance. Protect Your Love chronicles her efforts while documenting her alienation from the surrounding wilderness.

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