Peer Application Review Groups

Visual Arts Nova Scotia facilitates a peer review process for members to strengthen their upcoming applications. The Peer Application Review is an 8 week process, in the spirit of a book club, where applicants are expected to send peers their application drafts, and review two drafts received from their peers.

Participants will be grouped based on the application they are making.  Review exchanges will take place via email to facilitate an exchange between artists of different communities. Participants will be given two rough draft deadlines and will be expected to send edits back to their peers the week following.

**Visual Arts Nova Scotia staff do not review applications, and will not be enforcing peer-review deadlines. Participants are responsible to their peers to review applications on time and with care.**

Applications for the fall round of the Peer Application Review Groups are now closed. The next deadline for applications will be in spring 2019, around March 8. This early deadline is so the group can do at least two rounds of drafts and edits after the program starts approximately 8 weeks in advance of the Arts Nova Scotia Grants to Individuals deadline of May 15.

If you are not yet a member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia you can join online here.

If you have any questions contact the Programming Coordinator at