NARC MINE – Visual Arts Nova Scotia Region 7 Exhibition

Visual Arts Nova Scotia Region 7 Exhibition

Opening Reception June 1 4-6pm 2013

With the Carillon Singers at The Celtic Circle

Whether turning their gazes to subjects outside themselves or seeing their inner gaze via a technique outside their own realm, the Artists in this s
how are revealing powerful turning point works. Playing and provoking on the theme of  narcotics – “narc”  is actually  an abbreviation for narcissism – the healthiest kind… Artists mine their own healthiest moments of narcissism in their searching and seeing. Come and see art that represents the creative mining of interior landscapes that Region 7 Artists have bravely explored. Featuring works by:

Carolyn Bedford, Barbara Brown-Conrod, Deborah Jenkins, Tila Kellman, Paige Prichard Kennedy, Debbie Lamey MacDonald, Dawn MacNutt, Adele McFarlane, Fenn Martin, Raina McDonald, Anna Pereda, Anna Syparek, Carolyn Vienneau, Lyn-Sue Wice, Eliza Fernbach, Margaret Nicholson, Bruce Campbell, and the ASAP Artists Collaborative, and more!

A Subject, A Story, A Scene, A Saying, A System discovered.

Catalog available during exhibit

The Celtic Circle is located at:
195 Forbes Street,
New Glasgow, NS B2H 1P4


For more information regarding the exhibit, please contact Visual Arts Nova Scotia Region 7 Representative: Eliza Fernbach at

For more information about Visual Arts Nova Scotia, please contact

Becky Welter-Nolan
Programming Coordinator
Visual Arts Nova Scotia
1113 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS, B3H 4P7
902.423.4694 / 1.866.225.8267

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