Looking at the window and not through – Jay Dort

Corridor Gallery
Giving members of Visual Arts Nova Scotia an opportunity to create an exhibition of their work.

Jay Dort, crepuscular I&II, oil paint on ceramic, 24"x24" x 2, 2012

Jay Dort, crepuscular I&II, oil paint on ceramic, 24″x24″ x 2, 2012

Looking at the window and not through
Jay Dort
September 6 – 27

Emerging artist Jay Dort exhibits new ceramic paintings at the Corridor Gallery from September 6 – 27, 2012.  Describing the exhibition, Dort explains:

This group of paintings is connected with immediacy and contradiction. I was imagining works that could become their own antipodes, the imprinted ceramic slabs have an inherent kind of mark that is expounded upon by the use of colour. The treatment of the paint is left very loose in contrast to the slabs which are by their nature, very slow things. The style and type of imprint on the slabs was left indiscriminate by using tools or surfaces that were close at hand.

Jay Dort was born in Nova Scotia and is presently attending NSCAD University, completing a BFA. He has recently exhibited work at Eyelevel Gallery and the Halifax Public Archives. Often working collaboratively through the group Top Bunk, the pair are in the process of creating a public gallery on the Halifax waterfront. Jay is currently enrolled in the Weissensee school of art in Berlin.

Located inside the Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) office at the Halifax Seaport, since 2000, the Corridor Gallery is complimented by a historical legacy of Nova Scotia culture, simple yet modern architectural elements and an array of current cultural activity in the Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia office. The Corridor Gallery is located at 1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia and is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

For further information regarding the Corridor Gallery or this exhibition, please contact:

Becky Welter-Nolan
Programming Coordinator
Visual Arts Nova Scotia
1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, NS B3H 4P7
902.423.4694    1.866.225.8267   f: 902.422.0881

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