Judith Leidl – August Artist Profile

Judith Leidl recent pictureJudith Leidl received both her BFA and MFA from NSCAD University where she was awarded scholarships for both academic and artistic excellence. Since then, her art work has been featured in over eighty prominent group and solo exhibitions worldwide. Judith has also received numerous awards for her art work.

Judith Leidl has taught printmaking at NSCAD and Nunavut Arctic College, Baffin Island. Judith has also worked for several years at the world renowned Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts in Pangnirtung, Baffin Island as Artistic Advisor to the Pangnirtung Community Print Collection. She has also been a faculty member at Acadia University since 1998, teaching both drawing and painting. Judith Leidl’s art work is included in many private and public collections nationally and internationally.

substance, texture and dimension

Thematically, my paintings range from still life, seascapes and landscapes to dreamscapes. Recently, I have been exploring figurative work. Also and to a varying degree, my interest and affinity for textile design is reflected in my art work. I am particularly drawn to textures and patterns with more intense, luminous and layered colours. My paintings contain a representational component combined with a strong abstract element. I feel that this duality contributes to its unique substance, texture and dimension.

Judith J. Leidl, "Cape Blomidon: Spring", 48 inches by 64 inches, acrylic on gallery canvas, 2014

Judith J. Leidl, “Cape Blomidon: Spring”, 48 inches by 64 inches, acrylic on gallery canvas,

since my student days

I have been a member of VANS since my student days at NSCAD University. In those days VANS was a good arts organization to join and has gotten even better over the years as per what VANS offers. I have had paintings exhibited at the HUB Gallery, Via Rail display through VANS, taken part in the e-studio directory, newsletter, plus professional development workshops. If I actually still resided in Halifax, my participation and use of all that VANS has to offer NS artists would definitely increase as I am very pleased with all the VANS does.

the focus had to shift

My art work has definitely changed since my NSCAD University days including mainly working in printmaking. This has happened out of necessity plus a need to keep trying new
techniques and exploring different themes. As a parent who also works full time (teaching Studio Art at Acadia University) the focus had to shift to allow for those responsibilities. Since I also love creating art work, I learned very quickly how to still do this but in much shorter periods of time. The needs of the family including a menagerie of pets, always came first!

Gone were the days of being able to work for many hours in the studio space. I went from printmaking and textile art to collage, then ceramic art, to acrylic paintings which included going back to textile design plus I have recently added furniture painting.

It is all connected and I really enjoy all aspects of my visual production. Now that my lovely, talented children are almost full grown, I look forward to spending more time in the studio. The goal is to build a standalone gallery/ studio space in the plot of land just next to my house on Victoria Avenue in Wolfville.

making time for it

It is difficult to maintain an artistic practice if it is also your sole means of income. That has not been the case with myself but the flip side of working full time is the challenges of placing it within the day and not at the end when the fatigue factor may have  set in. I am not constrained however by whatever dictates there might be in the market. I am able to pursue what interests me during a particular period. Since I love creating art work.

Teaching Studio Art for many years has also enhanced my own work in that I am always looking for and learning new ways of seeing and techniques to  share with university students. I also learn from them so there is reciprocity in that relationship. I am indeed very happy with my employment situation.   My wonderful century house continues to get filled up even with the garage renovation and please do not ask me about the move a year ago!

House Art

I am working on an exhibition for next at the Public Archives of NS in Halifax. I completed during April, a self-directed residency with Bill Porteous in Victoria, BC and expect to once again attend the Leighton Artists’ Colony, the Banff Centre for the Arts in August 2015. I have recently participated in the Uncommon Common Art Project plus just finished teaching three intersession studio art courses through Open Acadia. We are in the process of renovating Blue Iris House which includes covering it with acrylic paintings. This will assist with the space challenges inside!  I call it House Art and hope to make it a destination point for visitors to the valley.

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One Response to Judith Leidl – August Artist Profile

  1. Sharon gunn says:

    Hi Judith
    I am an old friend of your sister Anne Marie; I found your profile interesting as our Son Adam Gunn is teaching at NSCAD and I told him about your teaching at Acadia.I suggested to him that teaching at smaller universities is possible. Can we chat or can he / we come and see you at Acadia just to get an idea of your set up and what the future might look like in such a program at a smaller university. He is a grad of NSCAd 2010 and then his MFA 2017 from Concordia.

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