Pivotal Habitat, Shelley Matthews

February 1 – 27, 2010
Shelly Matthews,
Pivotal Habitat

This collection, comprising Pivotal Habitat, includes strong, simple, natural images in acrylics and watercolour as indicated by artist, Shelley Matthews. Matthews further states:

I paint the images that hold my visual awareness; those which immediately send my mind into the process of making art and resonate an analytical-creative chord. While I paint, this is the unique space I inhabit. While you look, you live there, too. This is pivotal habitat where meaning is conveyed without words, dependent on what we each bring to the canvas. The compositions are simple. They are repetitive. Elements within are repeated and exist as part of a class, but each is a unique member of that class. They come together to form images of strength, reflecting back the beauty of the habitat we could inhabit if we so choose.

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