Cracked Jug/Imperfect Life, Lorraine Endicott

November 8 – December 12, 2010
Lorraine Endicott
Cracked Jug/Imperfect Life

A cracked blue jug bought at the local flea market became a temporary obsession and a metaphor for exhibiting artist Lorraine Endicott about life. Endicott explains that “Life is not perfect. You work with what you are given and you may find beauty, anyhow”. Endicott is exhibiting a selection of portraits, landscapes, and blue jug paintings in the Corridor Gallery located at Visual Arts Nova Scotia that refers to the life of imperfection and the beauty found there. Regarding her art practice, Endicott further states:

Making art helps me both forget the world and connect with it more completely, by focussing on what’s in front of me and trying to understand what I see. It’s like prayer for me. I am always surprised at how many hours I can spend looking at a subject, whether an apple, a landscape, a person’s face – or a blue jug –and still keep finding something new that I hadn’t seen at first.

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