The VANS Board of Directors is seeking nominations for new regional representatives to serve on our Board of Directors starting June 1st in La Baie Ste. Marie/Yarmouth and Darthmouth/Fall River/Sackville.

Any nominees who put their name forward will stand for election by the membership at VANS Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 1, 2013 in New Glasgow.

Overall, a regional representative believes wholeheartedly in the importance and value of VANS to the visual arts community and the representative should be able to endorse the mandate and objectives of our organization without reservation.

Being a regional representative also offers visual artists and members of the visual arts community an exceptional volunteer opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the visual arts in Nova Scotia and the ongoing sustainability and direction of VANS, in general.

If you are interested in nominating a member or putting your own name forward and would like additional information, please contact Briony at or Andrea Puszkar at .


Election to the Board is for a term of two years.  Directors may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms except the Past President who may serve 3 terms. Ex-officio positions will be appointed by the Board, if not already filled.

Executive Committee

President: Katie Belcher (on 1-year leave until Aug 2013) Returning, Start Date: June 2009, Second Term.

Past President: Vacant

Vice President: Eliza Fernbach Returning , Start Date: June /11, First Term.

Treasurer /Interim President (until Aug 2013): Andrea Puszkar, Returning,  Start Date: June 2010, Second Term.

Secretary: Susan Malmstrom, Returning, Start Date: June 2010, Second Term.

Regional Representatives     

Yarmouth/La Baie Ste. Marie: Kelli Janson, Nominee

Annapolis West: Alexa Jaffurs, Nominee, Appointed Feb 2013, First Term.

Annapolis East: Lis Van Berkel, Nominee, Appointed Nov 2012, First Term.

South Shore: Sally Warren, Returning, Start Date: June 2011, First Term.

Halifax: Natasha Krzyzewski, Returning, Start Date:  June 2012, First Term.

Dartmouth/Bedford/Sackville: Vacant

Eastern Shore: Judith Brannen, Returning, Start Date: June 2011, First Term.

Cumberland/ Colchester/ East Hantz: Pam Swainson, Nominee

Antigonish/Guysborough/ North Shore: Carolyn Vienneau, Nominee

Cape Breton: Adele Schemm Nominee


Bonnie Baker, AGNS Liaison

Charlotte Wilson Hammond, CFNS Rep

Gillian Jowsey, SUNSCAD Rep


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