Teresa Young

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artist statement

My style spans a range of surrealism and abstraction because¬† sometimes, emotions are more powerfully expressed with a central subject that can act as a focal point that the audience can directly identify with. This means that I’ll sometimes use human faces or eyes (generally) for clarity and emotional impact. Other pieces will be wholly abstracted, as they are more ’emotional landscapes’ meant to be interpreted by the viewer in a more subjective fashion. What do I hope to achieve? I’d like to leave a legacy of my life through my artwork. I’d like to have others enjoy it and get something real out of it, some sort of connection to the beauty of art and how it enriches humanity on a daily basis.

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2 Responses to Teresa Young

  1. Marilyn crisp says:

    My mum has bought me as a gift your beautiful mermaid who I just love, I have named her after the ancient Assyrian goddess , Atargatis who transformed herself into a mermaid out of remorse for accidentally killing her human lover..I just love her and she is certainly stunning enough to be named after a goddess, x

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