Taiya Barss

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artist statement

I paint a fish- a good shape, flowing lines, but that one soon becomes many, shapes within shapes, all leaping for the same hook. My imagination spins the ordinary into a more interesting image, adds magic to the mundane. I use acrylic, watercolour, oil, and paint on paper, board, canvas and wood, usually using a textured underbase, wiping out areas, layering paint back in, playing with subtle colours and textures, trying to make the negative space as interesting as the positive image. It’s a long, meditative process, and I work on some paintings for weeks, some for years.

selected biography

Taiya Barss graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, immigrated to Canada in 1973, lived in Cape Breton for many years and has resided in Halifax since 1998. She claims a grandfather from Dartmouth and one son who was born in Cape Breton. She has exhibited widely, and is represented in collections in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Europe.


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6 Responses to Taiya Barss

  1. I have a card that was sent that you had painted and I am very anxious but have no phone number.I did get a call from one gentleman but he said your last BARSS was so common that he could not help me at this time but to keep trying..If tou receive this please get in touch as soon as posible. I am 82 and really like to speak to you as soon as possible. PLEASE

  2. My mother was Louise Macabe who had a brother Richard.I really t hear from you to up date some of the family history..

    • Judy Ryan says:

      Did get an answer from Taiya? My mother is Marcia McCabe, Richard McCabe’s 2nd daughter, she is still living in Brazil.


  3. taiya barss says:

    Hi, Louise…I have answered you a few times. You are welcome to email me.

  4. Jeni says:

    Hi I am looking to find a print of canoe ride. Is it available anywhere?

  5. Marilyn Geer says:

    Got your letter today. So glad to hear but hope Joshua is doing o.k. Yes we sure do worry. Mark is doing pretty good, wish he wouldn’t have had anyurism problems, but glad he made it through o.k. Was quite a scare. Linda is back to work full time.(Marks wife ) after her stomach surg. Still needs to gain a little weight. Looks like Rosa is following in grandmas footsteps. Tell her the card was really cute. Hope you find out how Joshua is doing after you get the results back. Hope your husband is also better. Seems when it rains it pours. One thing after another, right? Hope you are fine.

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