Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald

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Artist statement

No doubt the most important decade in my young life was spent in rural Quebec. Those years kindled in me a love of nature and places of quiet beauty. Coming to Nova Scotia several years later rekindled that spirit of the child in me and I began painting in earnest. Each painting was an exercise in changing contrasting colours. To my surprise my palette slowly evolved into a Turneresque one; two yellows, one warm, one cool; two reds, one hot, one cooler and so on. Nature has continued to inspire me as I enter a more introspective period in my art. Both photography and painting have taken me into a private world that others may come to appreciate and understand. It is my own personal expression of a life needing harmony in a world so sadly chaotic and it has been suggested that this style of work is psychologically beneficial.

selected biography

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1987 Lunenburg Art Gallery, Nova Scotia
  • 1986 Atlantic Galleries, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • 1984-85 Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Provincial Touring show
  • 1977 Zwicker’s Gallery, Halifax, NS
  • 1974 Centennial Art Gallery, Halifax, NS
  • Since 1971, annually Mabou Village Gallery, Cape Breton, NS
  • (July 1- October 15).

Juried Group Exhibitions

  • 2007-2008 Art Sales and Rental at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
  • 1994-1995 Visual Arts N.S. First Biennial Exhibition
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Art Auctions
  • 1980-1986 Visual Arts NS- Dalhousie Research Foundation Art Auctions
  • 1984 House of Remy Show, Halifax NS
  • 1978 Maritime Artists Association, Halifax, NS

Other Group Exhibitions

  • Yearly since 1999 Inverness Co. Council of the Arts “Hands Dancing”
  • 1997 St. F.X. Invitational Print Exhibition
  • 1994 St. F.X. University Summer Exhibition
  • 1993 St. F.X. University Commemorative Exhibition
  • 1980-1995 Baddeck Art Gallery Annual Summer Festival


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14 Responses to Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald

  1. Sister "Marg" Lauzon says:

    Our son is getting married in Mabou July 2nd and we are interested in the possiblity of some appropriate painting of Mabou church, do you have anything available. Please contact us, thank you. We also trust that you are doing fine expect to hear from you in the near future.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I am sending you an e mail with pictures of prints with the church. The largest framed ones are The Mabou Highlands and Maritime Magic @ 395-600. The others are smaller: 16 x 20 inches plus a frame @ 160-170.

  3. Susan says:

    I like the paintings you have displayed on your site but there are no prices. Please advise.

  4. K. Petersen says:

    I have one of your older paintings called Walk with me Oils. It’s 15x 20 with the #4680. Can you provide me some info on it please?

    Thanks ever so much!

    • suzannemacdonald says:

      I so sorry to have taken so long to reply. All I can tell you is that it was painted around 1980. I checked my records of paintings that were sold at my summer gallery in Cape Breton in the 1980’s but found no match. That means it may have been sold by one or two galleries including Art Sales and Rental at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I do keep track of paintings produced each year but that file is not at my present location. After the loss of my husband in 2010 I now spend several months in Mabou, Cape Breton and the winter months in Halifax. I will try to come up with more information for you next November. Thank you so much for your inquiry. Suzanne

  5. Janet says:

    I have recently acquired a painting of yours from a consignment store in Toronto “Around the Block”. It’s about 36 x 24, a fall scene depicting birches around a lake/pond, with an early snowfall on the ground and fall colours in the rising backdrop of forest. I left the store, and then phoned a couple of days later, having been smitten by your picture, and described it over the phone, and made the purchase. It now sits atop our fireplace in the Cobourg area, and we love it! If you have any details about this painting to share, we would love to hear about it. (name, locale, etc.) Thanks, Janet Sedgwick

  6. Carolyn Crowley (MacDonald) was my maiden name says:

    Hi I bought one of your paintings years ago when we brought my dad back home to bury him in Nova Scotia. I would love another one. He was from Inverness,Nova Scotia. Do you have any paintings of that part of Nova Scotia? I love the one I have. It is called “Maritime Magic” Please let me know if you have any paintings that would remind me of how beautiful Inverness was. Thank You Carolyn Crowley

  7. Gillian says:

    Hi – I have acquired one of your paintings – called winter highlands – what can you tell me about this piece of art? Thank you!

  8. Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald says:

    Can you give me more information? When did you purchase it and where for example. Is there a number on the back of the painting? Can you send me a picture of it?

  9. Penny says:

    Hi Suzanne The painting “Tranquility”, do you have any prints for sale? What size are they? Or anything similar of Mabou
    Thank you for your help

  10. Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald says:

    Hi Penny
    I have an archival print of Tranquility: Ready to Frame with a double matte and acid free backer priced at $99.00 including HST. The print itself is about 11 x 14 ins. and the total size with double matte and backer is 16 x 20 ins. The price for a framed print the same size (16 x 20 ins.) is $215.00 including HST.
    I will be in Halifax sometime in December for the holidays if this may be helpful.

  11. Jackie Parker says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I have several works of yours hanging in my home. I have a big wall and I’d love to add a piece of CB and your art on it. What do you have that is large – say about 30×30?

  12. Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald says:

    Hello Jackie
    I did email you a couple of times but unfortunately I no longer have the emails on my old computer. Please let me know if you did get some information. I would appreciate it.

    • Suzanne Chrysler MacDonald says:

      April 12, 2017 at 5:38 pm
      Hello Jackie
      I did email you a couple of times but unfortunately I no longer have the emails on my old computer. Please let me know if you did get some information. I would appreciate it.

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