Ruth Wilton

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artist statement

The natural beauty of the landscape and the interesting architecture around me inspires my art. When I first began painting I discovered a new awareness of my surroundings. I began to notice how an ordinary subject took on a new personality as the light changed. For me, art is all about light and mood. I attempt to interest the viewer by interpreting the play of light on everyday objects. I have a fondness for architectural subjects as they offer a variety of shapes, texture and planes to reflect light. Our area of Nova Scotia offers many unique architectural styles, which present me with an extensive variety of subjects to draw from.

selected biography

Ruth Wilton has lived in the Bridgewater area for almost 30 years. Her interest in painting in watercolours was stimulated by the work of local artists, the Purcells, Don Pentz, Sheila Lewis, and others. Largely self taught, she has also completed Drawing Level 1, NSCAD Continuing Education Program and workshops with Geoff Bennett, Jack Reid (CSPWC), Ron Hazell (CSPWC), Linda Kemp (CSPWC), Tony Couch and Tony Van Hasselt. She has exhibited in local galleries, including a solo show at the Lunenburg Art Gallery in 1998, and as part of a group exhibition in Clermont- Ferrand, France in the Fall of 2003.


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4 Responses to Ruth Wilton

  1. Arnaldo Gómez says:

    I like all this pictures and I think I know part of the history of those paintings.
    Keep on doing likie that.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I own the Flying Fox Bake Shop in Shelburne NS and we offer commission-free art shows to local artists throughout the year as well as collaborative shows in the summer. I thought I’d send you a little note in case you’d ever be interested in showing in Shelburne. We’re always looking for new artists to introduce to the town. Feel free to have a peek at our website to see the space and get an idea of our shop

    If you’d be interested in showing your work sometime, let me know.
    All the best,
    Julie Ferguson

  3. Eugene Smith says:

    I have a black and white drawing you did entitled “Dedrick-Smith Home”in Greenfield. Can you provide me an appraisal for insurance purposes

  4. Valerie. Pais says:

    I have a framed watercolor painting of Ruth Wilton. It has no title. It’s a winter scene.
    I has a brownish forest in the background, and small twigs on either side of the little stream.
    Please give me an idea of its value.
    Reply to my email please. Thank you.

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