Rudolf Henninger

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artist statement

With roots in both Canada and Germany, my creativity benefits from the culmination of life on two continents. It is this meaningful cultural experience that fuels my motivation to realize my art work. It traversed the path of my personal development as an architect many times. For my work as a sculptor, this has resulted in my intention to translate my ideas with simple universal shapes in a clear formal language. With my aesthetic ideals, such as harmony, eternity and mystic, I wish to underline the emotive potentialities of my work.

selected biography

Rudolf Henninger is an artist based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In 2000, after his career as an architect, he started his professional career as a sculptor. After taking courses in stone carving and steel welding his artistic endeavors and experience concentrated on free-standing monumental artwork. He received numerous commissions for public parks in Europe and Canada.


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Rudolf Henninger

About Rudolf Henninger

Rudolf is a sculptor based in Cape Breton, experienced with public art projects.
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One Response to Rudolf Henninger

  1. Hello Mr. Henninger,

    I just stumbled on your site after Googling sculptors in Antigonish County.

    I am an artist, although a relatively new one – Actually, just 4 years. However, my late husband was an artist all his life. My father and his father also. I have always loved art and we collected art, but I never painted until a year after my husband died. It never occured to me. He was the artist in the family. But, now I paint nearly every day and for the last 8 years have had an art gallery on my 300 ac. farm in Pomquet. — On the farm there is a magnificent barn built in 1845. It’s in remarkably good shape. I have used it
    extensively as part of my art gallery and the pieces look great against the massive old beams. — My longtime wish is to show large pieces of art in this almost 200 year old barn.
    Any chance you would be interested in showing one or more of your pieces in
    this gallery space. — Along with several buildings on the farm devoted to gallery space, there are beautiful gardens and courtyards that are ideal for large pieces.
    Carol Naveta Rivoire

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