Rowland Marshall

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artist statement

I choose to work in both realist and abstract forms.  The former tends to be characteristic of neo-symbolism and minimalism in terms of content and detail. The latter works, in the non-realist category, vary between semi- abstract and abstract expressionism. My hope is that the pieces convey a feeling to the viewer similar to the one I try to incorporate in the completed work.

The artist responds to the world encountered or projected or foreseen; but in doing so also reveals something of his or her character, personality and outlook.  However, it is what the artist discerns or intuits in the world that is the more important of these two aspects, that is to say, if the work created succeeds in revealing these deeper discernments.

The nature of the challenge, whether a theme, or an experience or a concern, helps to incline me toward one medium or another, and toward a particular approach. In short, I believe that it is worthwhile to keep open to moving freely toward a response appropriate to the challenge.

selected biography

Background Navy; and University teaching (Philosophy, including Aesthetics). Works in acrylics, oils, printmaking, and using various materials, creates collage, bricolage & small sculpture.

Received early instruction from Ken Saltmarche, former Director of the Windsor Art Gallery (Ontario), and Tony Law, former artist in residence and Director of Saint Mary’s University Gallery, Halifax, N.S.  Later, and more recently, received instruction from T. Lamothe-Smith, Susan Mills, Judith Leidl, Alix Pincock, Bruce Campbell, Sheila Provazza, & other NSCAD Instructors.

Participated in shows in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Sydney, Annapolis Royal, Antigonish, several Eastern shore communities, Sackville, N.B., Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario.

My paintings are held by individuals and institutions in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Texas and Florida.


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