Rose Adams

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artist statement

My recent works depict crows and ravens, continuing with my interest in using birds as a metaphor for life experience. My use of birds and nests began in AVES, my 2002 exhibition that explored early motherhood. Some of the new paintings have accompanied a museum display about West Nile disease and continue my interest in memorial and the relationship between art and science.

My paintings combine the crow and raven, floral arrangements, weather patterns, textile fragments, and references to past civilizations. The images are interwoven on canvas,appearing much like a collage of images, they are painted in oil and acrylic. Weather patterns denote devastation. Flowers add a long standing symbol of memorial, while the textile fragments come from scarves or pieces of cloth of personal significance. The combination of these elements is meant to offer a compelling homage to the common crow and raven.

selected biography

Rose Adams moved back to Dartmouth, NS in 2001 (where she grew up) and now divides her time between the city and Port Lorne, Annapolis County. Since 1989, her work has explored how humans interact with nature in exhibitions Nature Morte (1992), Garden of Delights (1993), Fundy Suite (1997) and most recently AVES (2002). themes of memorial, science/art, motherhood and natural history surface in her work. While working primarily with paint and drawing media, rose has also exhibition installation works and colour photography. Recent solo shows include Avesat Argyle Fine Art, Halifax and The Mourning Room at the Craig Gallery, Dartmouth in 2002. Her work can be found at the Art Sales and Rental of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and in private and public collections. She teaches part-time in the Foundation Department of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.


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3 Responses to Rose Adams

  1. Hi Rose , I got your name from Jude Caborn at the Clothesline Art Show in Musquodoboit Harbour today when I was appreciating her mixed media work on cock. She recommended your week long session on mixed media work and I am wondering if/when you are planning one? Thanks Fyre Jean

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Rose I am working on a film called the Healer and am looking for paintings of crows. my cell – 902 476 8224

  3. Johnny Crow says:

    Rose, just wondering if any of your work is for sale? I am interested in a specific piece. You can email me at Johnny.crow @ gmail . com

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