Ron Ivany

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Ron was born in Nova Scotia and spent most of his early years in Halifax. His passion for photography started when he received his first camera at the age of 12 years old. As the years unfolded he developed a keen interest in capturing the majestic images of this beautiful country. Ron studied photography in Canada and the USA. He is primarily a black and white photographer and exhibits his own special style in all his images.  Ron’s images have been displayed in many exhibitions and can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, England and the United States.

Photographer’s Statement

In this world we live in, we see images that have the power to inspire us. To respect nature, we need to stare into its infinite beauty and hope to communicate our interpretation through our eyes. What lies within a fine art landscape photograph that makes it appealing are lines, depth, texture and light sweeping across the image simplifying the world around us. Photography, to me, is about sharing the vast beauty that the world displays with each season, the frost, the snow, the noise and the silence.


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