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artist statement

I am attracted to the careless gesture, the telling glance, the way we hold ourselves, subjects that have something to say and something to hide. I like that ambiguity. I want to present a particular point of view. I am not so much interested in producing an accurate likeness but am more concerned about mood and the emotional energy that makes us all individuals. I paint in watercolour for its directness and spontaneity, how it lends itself to a more expressive style, and acrylics, for its flexibility and versatility.

selected biography

Norene is a writer, visual artist and filmmaker who graduated from NSCAD in the early 70’s in Art Education and Fine Arts. Since 2000, she has dedicated herself to painting and in 2005/2006 she expanded her art practice to include the exploration of film media. Norene has studied with, and been influenced by, artists like Brian Atyeo, Kay Stanfield, Charles Spratt and Charles Reid. She been in a number of group shows with various art societies, as well as Art Sales & Rental and Contemporary Art Society of NS annual juried show, in which she received the Mayor’s Award in 2006. Her small group shows include: “Doubletalk” with Diane Wile-Brumm (Craig Gallery 2005); “From Here” with Diane Wile-Brumm & Shannon Bell (Craig Gallery 2008); “Hot House” with Shannon Bell (Lunenburg Art Gallery 2009).  Most recently her work can be seen at Art Sales & Rental, Raven Gallery, Tatamagouche, the Chatterbox Café, Pugwash.


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