Michael Keith MacLeod

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Artist’s Statement
Chasing the subtle balance between light and dark. To try and capture the infinite beauty in nature and mans interaction with it. Although the pictures here are mostly landscape, I try to represent the journey of life through them. The empty lifeboat at a waterfront, the two schooners chasing for the finish, the bridge leading to the autumn woods, the road through the fall coloured forest, the empty beach looking at a coastal scene in Cape Breton. Where will our personal roads take us? Let the journey continue…

Selected Biography
Michael Keith is a Nova Scotian artist who resides in Baddeck, a beautiful tourist village on the shores of the Bras d’Or Lakes. Michael is a largely self-taught artist who, at an early age, was exposed to visual arts through family members. Although the brushes were put aside during the family-raising years, the passion for it has always smoldered underneath, now reigniting into a hot fire that feels like it must make up for lost time. The brushes now rarely leave his hands.

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