Marlien Suermondt

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artist statement

The source of inspiration for my art is the Nova Scotia rock structures and landscapes. The paintings are a follow up on my efforts to captivate the immense Canadian landscape by photo camera. While photographing I came to believe that sometimes a part of a very small portion of a landscape represent the essence of the grandeur of the whole, far better than a broad panorama.

So I photographed the stillness of undisturbed nature mainly by focusing on details, particularly on the rock structures in all its variations. Consequently my photos took on an almost abstract quality and I discovered images, ancient stories and myths, slowly created during the infinity of time, stirring my imagination, my urge to create.

I started to paint these forms and images, fascinated by the rough formations with sometimes-sensual forms, by the curious structures and colours, and the geological mysteries. With watercolour or acrylic and Indian ink I explore the shapes and forms in both the natural and human world, perceiving the close link between both. Stories, passions, shapes and figures appear in the form of colour and line, intriguing and ambiguous, playing with my brain and so stimulating my imagination once more to discover beyond the obvious.

selected biography

Marlien Suermondt was born in The Netherlands in 1951. She studied at the Academy for the Arts in Utrecht. In 1973 she started working for the Dutch Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and made a career as make-up artist, theatrical hairstylist and wigmaker. Next to her work for TV and film, she has been active as visual artist in painting and photography and as puppeteer.

Suermondt immigrated to Canada in 2002. She build her home with studio in Prospect, Nova Scotia, and has since then been working as a visual artist and photographer. Her work has been shown at the NSDCC Pier 21 Xmas shows of 2003 and 2004 in Halifax, at the group-exhibition ‘Wandering eye’ in the Eyelevel Gallery in 2004 in Halifax, in 2005 at a solo-exhibition in the ArtCan Gallery in Canning NS and in the Secord Gallery in Halifax.


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