Lynette Richards

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My studio is located on the shores of beautiful Terence Bay where the tidal river meets the salt water.  The natural beauty, local history, and the sense of living on the edge of the earth infuse my Art.   I am a Stained Glass professional adept at all methods of Glass Art and Design.  I am proud to be a NSDCC Master Artisan.  With 20 years of experience and extensive education in all methods of Glass Art, I can help you make your ideas reality!   I invite you to visit me at my studio where I restore, teach and create original work.  It is a Craft, a Trade and an ART!

My work is about Light.  Designing with glass IS designing with light.  All architectural and decorative styles benefit from skillful use of glass!  Curious?  Let’s talk!


Lynette Richards is a Fine Artist who designs and creates original glass art for clients and galleries. She is a Master Artisan, NSDCC, with 20 years professional Stained Glass experience.  Her Public Art work is permanently installed in schools, universities, libraries, and archives.  She has extensive restoration experience of heritage and architectural stained glass including hundreds of the finest church windows in Canada.  She welcomes visitors to her full-time studio anytime by appointment.  Lynette welcomes commissions for new work, restoration and repair, commemorative glass art, one-of-a-kind gifts, and teaches all levels in her studio.

Lynette Richards is dedicated to making the finest quality stained glass, always original, and made to fit your budget.


          Bishop Hall, Greenwich NS



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