Lil Crump

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Artist Statement

My artwork comes from a reflective, thoughtful place with a measure of mischievous playfulness. With leanings towards a light-hearted palette and layers of textured finishes, my curiosity will not constrain my creativity to a set palette or existing technique. Whether my subject is nature and its inhabitants, or architectural elements, my artistic approach has a tendency to exhibit a mildly distorted, stylistic representation.

Selected Biography

Lillian Crump is an artist based in Nova Scotia. Finding success in the children’s book industry, Lillian, with inspiration from Mary Blair, creates artwork for the commercial sector while working to develop a market for her fine art.

Born in Toronto, and growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Lillian is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Winnipeg. With fine art training from the University of Saskatchewan, and a graduate of Graphic and Visual Design from Kwantlan College in British Columbia, Lillian enhanced her art interests with workshops and courses offered at the Emily Carr school of Fine Art.

Lillian’s most recent fine art showing was at Argyle Fine Art.

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One Response to Lil Crump

  1. jon ochsendorf says:

    If this is the Lil Crump I think it is, the illustrator of children’s books last time I saw her, then I have been trying to get a hold of you and Bruce for some time. Forgive the intrusion but I just wanted to find out how you both are, and if this is the wrong Lillian, my apologies.

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