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At the age of 5, kimmerT’s family moved from a small fishing village in rural Nova Scotia to Halifax. She grew up as a city kid, graduated high school and studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. kimmerT is a drifter who, has spent 22 years traveling and living throughout Canada before settling back home in a small community by the ocean.

This character has held many titles; Guide, Wrangler, Laborer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Gardener, Dispatcher, Fire Fighter, Band Aid, Instructor, Safety Consultant, and Artist are a few.

Who is kimmerT the Artist?


  • About having the courage to be true to herself.
  • kimmism, the world as seen through kimmerT’s eyes and mind.
  • Living in a constant state of CHANGE.
  • About creating images only from her sketches and photographs.
  • Challenging your visual comfort zone.
  • STUDYing, embracing personal and intellectual growth
  • A constant and evolving style.


Every image is a new creation, challenging your brain to understand my reality.

Come on the journey with me, kimmerT, as I embrace life and my art embraces me.

More works can be found on

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