Kim Aerts

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artist statement

From an artistic perspective I am drawn to rural areas as I can more accurately see the spirit of the landscape. In particular I am searching for what in Middle Eastern culture is called the “thin place”. It is a culmination of a certain place transformed by light and the environment into a subtle but powerful occurrence. These paintings are a record of these place events.

My initial artistic interest was primarily in sculpture, however currently I have been inspired by landscape paintings by Rembrandt and J.M.W Turner. I am interested in their combination of technique and subject matter and how it defies the pastoral and evokes the power and spirit of the landscape.
My medium of choice is oil paint for its vibrancy and translucence. I also tend to work with strong colours directly onto the canvas so I find oils slow drying time allows me to mix and create more subtle tones.

selected biography

Kim Aerts is a painter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He studied under Smithsonian Artist Ely Kish and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in 1989. He has travelled and worked in The Northwest Territories and throughout Europe. Early in his artistic career he focused on sculpture however currently he has returned to his roots in landscape painting.


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