Jacqueline Steudler

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artist statement

It is nature’s beauty that interests me the most. I strive for a dialogue, a connection between organic forms, colours and my imagination. Using bold combinations of colour helps me to translate my perception onto the canvas.

selected biography

Growing up in Switzerland, Jacqueline Steudler always had a number of art projects exploring various techniques and materials on the go.

Since 1994, Steudler has exhibited her work internationally, including galleries in Switzerland and Canada, and is found in both private and public collections, including the Nova Scotia Art Bank Collection. Her move to Nova Scotia in 2004 inspired her to dedicate more time to her painting practice. Steudler’s love for bold colour combinations is reflected in her mixed-media paintings. Her art practice investigates the connections and interrelationships between colour and shape in her surroundings. She continues to share her artistic knowledge through art based community development projects.

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