Hannah Minzloff

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Artist Statement
The heart of my photo-based art practice lies in a strong intuition, keen observation, a sense of irony and a desire to share what I see with others.  My images are of people, places and objects that I become familiar with over time.  I am a collector of stories, sharing snippets of them for their interest, value or beauty; put together, these collected works make a whole.

Formal technical considerations are arrived at through the exploration of the theme. I thrive on both the challenge and the freedom that comes with using with natural light and no tripod. Once I get to know a camera, I rarely look through the viewfinder.  The situation and the environment direct my process and the presentation is derived from the resulting images and their content.

Hannah’s work is a sociological investigation of community and the relationships between user and object as illustrated through a continued focus on human infrastructure within our environment.  The presentation of this work is a negotiation of the dialogue between viewer and idea, leading to more immediate forms of engagement with the public through her two recent exhibitions. UNDERGROUND (2008) is a series of images that inquire into the ephemeral notion of human contact in mass transit and was installed in the advertising spaces of subway cars and buses in Toronto and Halifax.  RoadWorks (2011), displayed in public pedestrian traffic paths, deconstructs the frustration of public road works while presenting the prosaic actions of the workers. This series emphasizes the integrity and beauty of their labour, in reference to artists Corbet and Emerson.


Based in Dartmouth, Hannah is a respected member of the arts scene in Nova Scotia.  In the past five years she has had public exhibitions in Dartmouth, Toronto and Halifax, a selection of images published in the international photography magazine Silvershotz Folio, and in 2009 she was short-listed for the Mayor’s Award in Contemporary Art in HRM.

Throughout her career in photography, Hannah has continued to pursue an aesthetic vision along with specific inquiries into digital imaging and design, to allow herself to grow in a contemporary world of image making.

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