Gerard McNeil

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Artist Statement

The medium of photography is more often than not a medium of the found image. There is also a long history of manipulating and transforming photographic images. I find myself straddling the fence between these two aesthetic practices as the photographs and photo – based works I create are derived through a kind of dialogue between the found and the constructed. As my primary subject matter is the urban landscape, these landscapes hide and reveal themselves. I can walk down the street one – day and see nothing, two days later I walk down the same street and ten plus images emerge. Some of these images will stand on their own, while others will be transformed either digitally or physically. The transformed images become the constructed images. During the process of constructing these images new concepts or ideas for a new series of images emerge. How I determine what photographs are manipulated and what images remain unchanged becomes an intuitive thing.



For more than three decades I have been engaged in a practice as a fine art photographer. This practice has been both interrupted and informed by my formal studies (M.Ed. in Adult Education, B.Ed. – Visual Arts Specialist; BFA in Fine Arts). My practice and the creative processes I utilize to create photographic and photo – based images has also become inextricably linked with my work, as an educator and community arts facilitator.


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