Geoff Butler

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artist statement

My paintings are a mix of realism and fantasy. I often use humour, particularly satire, to comment on “the human condition.” I generally work in series, often for years before exhausting particular themes. I spent most of the 1980s on my Art of War series, which culminated in my self-published book, Art of War: Painting it out of the picture. My Angel looks series followed, and I am planning to self-publish a book on this series in the spring of 2004. My most recent series is Canuckiana, in which Canada forms the surface imagery.

selected biography

Geoff Butler is a painter, writer and book illustrator. He was born on Fogo Island, Nfld., near Brimstone Head which has been designated by the Flat Earth Society as one of the four corners of the earth. Geoff practises his art daily so as not to fall over the edge. His most recent illustrated book is Ode to Newfoundland (Tundra Books).  He is a graduate of Memorial University of Nfld. and Syracuse University. He also studied at the Art Students’ League in New York City. His paintings have been exhibited at, and toured by, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. He has been the recipient of a Nova Scotia Arts Council Creation grant and a Canada Council Established Artist grant.

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9 Responses to Geoff Butler

  1. Richard says:

    Do you have photos of recent work I can view on line?

    • Lynne Martin says:

      I love the Baarliament painting. Is it available in a card or a print? Would like to see more of your work. Will be in Mahone Bay the last two weeks of September. I live in Hamilton, Ontario.

  2. Kathleen Nichol says:

    I have just purchased a “Canadian Gothic” card from your Canuckiana series and would like to know where I can find more. I live near Kingston, Ontario and found this one at the Cornerstone Fine Arts store but it was the only one there. Thistle Dance Publishing has gone out of business so I am at a loss as to how to order more of these wonderful cards. Can you help?

  3. Jan Morrison says:

    Yee Haw! So glad you are our artist in residence. Be down tomorrow to see you. Love your stuff to bits.

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  5. roger tessier says:

    i recently acquired rescue of a chained man,its very different,what does
    it represent?

  6. Faye Young says:

    Today at Barb’s brunch and piano recital, I always luv to see your beautiful paintings. I noticed that the painting of the oars was gone. My friend Sharrie and I especially enjoyed that one. You have such an interesting style….and your blending of colors is very special. The petite rower near the huge iceberg always makes me smile. You have outstanding talent, Geoff.

    • Geoff Butler says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Faye. Barb must have temporarily taken down the painting of the oars. I wish I could attend more of her recitals and brunches, but they’re often held on days when I’ve commitments elsewhere. Best wishes. Geoff

  7. Nancy Murdock says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Our grandson, James (Jeremy’s son) is intrigued by the Christmas cards from you that we have framed. So, we will be looking for your assistance this summer with answers to his questions!!
    Looking forward to hearing your responses!!!! Ha

    Nancy & Barry

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