Felicity Redgrave

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artist statement

I love Canada’s rocky coastlines where land and water are the dividers of our living spaces. My paintings, water colours, drawings and prints evoke these real spaces. People and events happening elsewhere are connected here by ideas of simultaneous action – the monarch butterfly effect. My metaphors are influenced by the statues and temples of ancient Greece where I have been – also Easter Island stone heads. In my paintings, polar bears and ice bergs are surfacing; red amaryllis and a floating red scarf that reads like a soldier’s coffin are the signifiers of #4 of The Promise series that examines the implied separation of fact from fiction, the irony of that knowledge and the hope that we can change.

selected biography

Felicity Redgrave has shown extensively across Canada including Images of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto,1977 and AGNS, 1978; Land and Sea with Charlotte Hammond, Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, 1980;Night/Spaces, Saint Mary’s University, 1984; Night Radio, Galerie Sans Nom, 1988; Art my Students Taught Me, St. Francis Xavier University, 2000; The Figure in the Landscape, Artscape, 2002; and Mythopoetica, Lyghtsome Gallery, 2005. Felicity has received a B Grant from the Canada Council and is a founding member of VANS and NS Printmaking and has worked and been a board member of VANS, CARNS and GAPACC.


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