Diane Metzger

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Artist Statement

In my most recent artwork I explore spontaneous expression, staying with fresh marks of paint on paper formed by hand and brush, trusting that with this approach, a visual image can appear that is inherently interesting and worthy.

This is a change from the my previous ten years of mostly representational work, adding successive layers of paint and making careful adjustments until I’d achieved a more or less planned artistic effect. The result was a recognizable subject: a landscape, still life or figures in a setting.

Now, to paint is to take a small step into the unknown. The process is a conversation between the gestures of the brush and the painting taking form. Each of these finished works can be viewed as an abstract painting, or as a meeting of line, shape, colour and light in space.

Selected Biography

Diane works in a variety of visual arts media: gouache, watercolours, sumi ink, collage, oils, acrylics, and fabrics. Her current paintings are abstract or semi-representational explorations of light, colour, sound, movement and their interplay.

She has studied and worked in Western art forms; traditional Eastern and contemporary contemplative arts, including brush calligraphy, ikebana and contemplative photography; and handcrafts, including stained glass, and fabric and soft leather goods (design and construction). Her studio is in Halifax; visits by appointment.

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About Diane Metzger

Diane Metzger is a visual artist currently working in abstract and semi-abstract style using water-based pigments. She is interested in the interplay of colour and light, and the deep expressive possibilities of sumi ink, the blackest of inks, applied with large brush to handmade papers. Her lifelong involvement with visual arts includes formal study of traditional and contemporary Western art, Eastern contemplative arts including brush calligraphy and ikebana, and a variety of crafts employing textiles and stained glass. Diane's studio is in Halifax.
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