Charlott Zimmermann

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Artist’s Statement

“We lived in a continuous blaze of enthusiasm. Above all we loved this country and loved exploring and painting it.”

-Lawren Harris

My paintings reflect a strong sense of places. Locations, although recognizable, are transformed and often transcended.

The viewer is invited to recapture his own memories, or to follow his imagination beyond the landscape’s reality.

Often it is the sheer beauty of nature, the light, the wind, and the movements that lead to a collective response of our emotions. Happiness, contentment, and peace found in nature are the connecting, but sometimes hidden forces of human mankind. Art in its elemental form wants to remind us, where we belong.

My paintings are often associated with the Group of Seven. The work of their members opened up the field for landscape painters to go beyond the simple approach of seeing the world around us and I truly admire their work for its vision.

Being brought up in Germany, my early influences come mainly from European expressionists. I feel very much inspired by their work to this day.


Selected Biography

Originally from Germany, Charlott Zimmermann currently lives in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

She completed her fine art degree in Darmstadt, Germany, 2005. Her work encompasses oil paintings, drawings, prints, and needle felt pieces. Charlott Zimmermann’s work can be found in Nova Scotia’s art galleries and private collections in Canada and abroad.




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2 Responses to Charlott Zimmermann

  1. Unknown says:

    Amazing artwork! Very inspiring.

  2. Allan Holtz says:

    Charlott, I just saw your mini-show at ARTsPLACE in Annapolis Royal (July 2017) and I was greatly impressed by your bold canvasses. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your work at other venues in our little artist enclave here!

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