Carolyn Ritchie-Bedford

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artist statement

Personally, and as an artist, I believe that one should continually evolve in their artwork, in subject or technique or medium. Experimentation and exploration is a key to originality and the idea of the piece is the primary objective.

My work has been primarily in acrylic; painting about situations and philosophy of the many places I lived. Being an air force child, moving and adapting and learning of place and people has influenced my creative endeavors. I work in the figurative but enjoy the contemporary mode as well, finding the design aspects of the work to capture the viewer. Using the public art forum for my exhibitions, I believe the theatrical staging of the artwork is part of the creativity.

Working in many mediums I have found my new passion in the tactile and physical world of bronze sculpture, firing my own work and sharing this with audiences. The many stages and materials involved in the pieces develop the anticipation for the firing and risks of success. Now I am striving to move into the large public site-specific art arena with this new medium. A more public art piece is seen as contemplative oasis in a bustling world and is a new and larger stage to explore creative pieces.

selected biography

Carolyn has exhibited in various group shows in Nova Scotia. She had many solo shows of paintings which have seen reviews and now, exhibits her sculpture work. She does her own bronze work and has a small foundry to produce the pieces and also fires her own clay work. Carolyn was apprenticed in the bronze and believes strongly in hands on throughout the process of any medium. Carolyn has also worked in the advancement of the arts, working on the provincial board, operating a Co-op gallery, organizing a symposium, giving presentations, teaching and keeping her interest in local art events.Carolyn’s successful completion of the public sculpture piece ,”The Village Well” in the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre was a culmination of five years study and apprenticeship of the lost wax process of bronze sculpture and a recent venture into the public art sector. She continues to paint and sculpt for exhibition and pleasure while exploring the new digital art medium.

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One Response to Carolyn Ritchie-Bedford

  1. Richard Rudnicki says:

    Hi Carolyn — do you sculpt realistic figurines? Specifically a small WWII solder — I’m thinking it would be cast in bronze or steel, maybe 10″ tall.

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