Carolyn Poel

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artist statement

Nature has been a major theme in my art. Having spent a part of my childhood in Japan, I have been influenced by the reverence the Japanese have for nature. My home since 1968 has been beautiful Nova Scotia when my husband and I immigrated from the USA.

When I paint a landscape there is often evidence of people or dwellings as subject matter. I see us as a part of nature even though we continue to exploit and pollute the earth. The vision I have for humanity is that of keepers of the earth, living in harmony with nature.

Another theme in my paintings is the fragile beauty found in a small patch of earth, which we too often take for granted. By painting these natural patches or wild flowers I celebrate their existence and hope to call attention to them as something worthy to treasure.


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One Response to Carolyn Poel

  1. Sharon Cake says:

    Wondering if you have any new works available? I bought a piece of yours from AGNS 3 years ago – “Rock and Seaweed” and just love it.

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