Carol Ann Morrison

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Artist Statement

There is a place of reflection, whereas an image transforms time and place.  A glimpse into another dimension, where thoughts, ideas, and perceptions are transformed to their truest purity.  The creative process probes a deeper exploration of experiences; encompassing both the frailty and strengths of our species.  My artist practice focuses on themes involving science and technology, the dichotomy between mankind and the natural world, the human condition, and the diversified beauty of nature.

I work primarily in the water based mediums of watercolour and acrylic, but will utilize a mixed media approach encompassing inks, gold leaf, oils, etc, depending on the visual effect, and the inherent meaning of each piece.  Through my work, I wish to express these subtle reflections, sometimes through a mosaic like narrative, often through capturing a visual image that presents an ethereal, dreamlike state.

Selected Biography

Carol Ann Morrison is a visual artist, specializing in watercolour and acrylics, living along the beautiful Mira River in Nova Scotia.  Her passion for creating began at an early age, and has become a lifelong pursuit.  Carol Ann has had a solo show, and exhibited in numerous group shows at Cape Breton University.  She has also exhibited her work throughout the years at the McConnell Memorial Library, Pier Scape, and the annual IODE Autumn Treasures Art Show, of which she was the featured artist for 2015.  Her work can be found in private collections throughout Canada.





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