Bonnie Baker

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artist statement

Drawing has always been the heart of my art making. In 2008, after working within the textile medium for 20 years, I re-engaged with drawing on paper and began exploring painting for the first time. The observational drawings I make of everyday minutia, construct an armature of my formal work. I build up thin layers of colour then scrape and erase to describe marks. As these marks accumulate, they also reveal the history and construction of the form. Recently, I have been investigating how physical space and scale alters our understanding of the form.

Although, my process is largely intuitive, raw emotional experience is inevitably filtered by my conscious ideas. The process shapes and alters what I intended, until the piece, in a way, makes itself, becomes its own. Brian Doherty, conceptual artist in his persona Patrick Ireland, once stated I draw to see what I am thinking.

selected biography

Born in Ontario, Bonnie Baker moved to Nova Scotia in the 1970s. For 20 years, she was a media arts administrator. She studied printmaking at NSCAD, before turning to a practice involving both printmaking and drawing. She now lives in Annapolis Royal and is involved in regional art making and exhibition. She continues to be show throughout Canada and US and her work has been acquired by private and public collections of the Art Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank and Societé internationale des entreprises ÉCONOMUSÉE, Québec.

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One Response to Bonnie Baker

  1. joan brothers says:

    My husband and I drive down to Annaplois Royal every year to look at the old hme stead that he grew up in as a child and my children spent good times with there grand parents and Uncle Stuart who lived in with his parents,And other interest knowing there is a fine artist like yourself living in the house now, I dapple in art work myself, My husband step father was Frank Lewis and his mother Mary. We hope your enjoying your home and Studio as we did long ago.

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