Barbara Bickle

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artist statement

A sense of place and community is my principle source of inspiration. Early in
my career I was interested in the structures and landmarks of the Halifax
industrial waterfront. Oil rigs, grain elevators, hydro towers, and factories were
isolated from their everyday surroundings by the elimination of familiar details –
when set against orange, pink, or green skies they created a calm, noiseless and
static environment. Portraits and still life paintings were painted in a similar manner.

While a fine art student in the 80s, I began collecting newspaper images
referencing some of the cultural, historical and political events that we as
Canadians have lived through. Often text was added to reflect observations,
opinion or historical significance. Today I continue using newspapers to create
a visual diary of Halifax landmarks and world events. Another significant
interest is painting figures in real or imagined settings to convey the
narrative qualities of gesture and situation.

art background
• Central Technical School of Art in Toronto for figure drawing and graphic design
• Nova Scotia College of Art and Design for drawing and painting
• Sheridan College for computer graphics and interactive multimedia

I am an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The variety of skills developed
over the years have sustained a painting career, interspersed with
exhibitions and freelance work as a graphic designer.

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About BarbaraBickle

I combine careers in computer graphics and fine art.
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