Alice Reed

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artist statement

My work is centered on a love of nature and concern about protecting the natural environment. The paintings here show a cross-section of my interests, from Nova Scotia’s protected areas, to atmospheric skies and coastal landscapes, to a fascination with wildlife. I use traditional methods of watercolour painting, using wet-in-wet washes to create a foundation and a depth of space, and overlapping transparent or opaque colour to develop detail where I want to direct the eye. Most often, I depict a scene as I see it, being attracted to the beauty and diversity of nature. Some pieces, though, are departures from reality, inspired by my experiences, sketches and slides. Overall, I hope that viewers will take away a renewed appreciation, respect and love of nature and the resolve to help preserve it.

selected biography

Alice Reed’s paintings celebrate nature an wilderness. Born in Toronto, ON, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University, NB. Her works are found in collections worldwide, notably in the Royal Collection of Her Majesty the Queen of England. Canadian collections include the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Art Bank, Owen’s Art Gallery, Sackville, NB and Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON. An elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, she served as Atlantic Director from 1993-2003. Alice is an Honorary Director of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and received a Nova Scotia Environmental Award for her exhibition,¬†Sacred Worth. Her watercolours are exhibited in numerous galleries from Ontario to Nova Scotia, including her Studio Gallery in Pomquet. Alice also participates in the Nova Scotia Studio Map and Studio Rally. Some Artworks are available as limited edition reproductions and cards.


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5 Responses to Alice Reed

  1. Thom Drew says:

    Hi Alice;
    I was thinking about you this week when I got inspired to make a batch of Tahini,PB,& Miso that you taught me to make so many years ago. It has been a long time since eating this combo and it is still as wonderful as I recall. Coincidentally, I was at the dentist in B’water this week and one of your beautiful paintings,a barrens with lots of cranberry coloured foliage was prominently displayed. A good distraction from the task at hand.
    Anne & I are still living on Mosher Is. and have recently moved into the house that we built here over the last 5 yrs. Would love to see you again sometime & catch up on the intervening time. Tell Bob I’m a big fan of his Maritime Noon appearances. Cheers Thom

  2. Dr W.(Willy) Horne says:

    Dear Alice…many years ago (could be twenty) I walked into an art gallery in Lunenburg NS and bought the painting of my life. A beach, could be Clam Harbour Beach, with a sundog sky…It hung in my Dartmouth office for many years admired by staff and patients. I retired 7 years ago and your painting greets me every day in my home at Leamingtion, On. It is safe and continues to bring joy to my life. Thought you might like to know where it went : )))

  3. Jeannette Pahls says:

    Dear Alice,

  4. Jeannette Pahls says:

    Dear Alice,
    I am your Aunt Dora’s daughter. I met you and your husband in Venice, Florida.
    Tonight I had Googled Dora Reed Evans Watercolor Artist it has been 8 years since she passed but there are still some of her painting being sold online. I am not sure if you know that your Aunt Florrie is still alive she turned 105 in March.
    Alice I wanted to tell you how proud Mom was of you and your paintings. Your paintings are lovely.
    Jeannette Pahls

  5. Dee Beaulac says:

    Dear Alice. We are moving back to Nova Scotia, and I would love to catch up.

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