Art Livingston & Geraldine Bushell – Portraits and the Sea

April 2 – 29, 2008
Portraits and the Sea
Art Livingston Geraldine Bushell

Art Livingston was born in Montreal, Quebec, and joined the Royal Canadian Navy when he was eighteen. His love of the sea brought him to Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, where he now resides. Constantly inspired by his surroundings, Livingston creates paintings from the memory of storms and a love for whales. Geraldine Bushell was raised in the small fishing village of Canso, Guysborough County. At the age of eighteen she moved to Dartmouth, raising five children. She quit painting for years after losing two of her sons ten years apart, but has recently come back to it. Also a musician, Bushell’s paintings are inspired by her fascination with others. Portraits and the Sea showcases the work of two friends whose paintings have emerged out of a love of life itself.

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