Activating Space – Ellen Moershel

Corridor Gallery

Giving members of Visual Arts Nova Scotia an opportunity to create an exhibition of their work.

Activating Space
Ellen Moershel
April 5 – 25, 2011

Ellen Moershel, Gray Macaw 2

Ellen Moershel, Gray Macaw 2, gouache on paper, 17”x 22”, 2011

Ellen Moershel activates the Corridor Gallery at Visual Arts Nova Scotia from April 5 – 25, 2011. Moershels’ abstract work plays on the interactions and conversations caused by variation in colour and shape combinations. While a painter, her work is also influenced by technical training in sculpture and printmaking.  With regards to her work, she further describes:

I use mostly organic shapes, bright and numerous shades and colors, while having solid white space and bold black lines to guide the composition and emphasize the drawing component in each painting.I like to use gouache for its opaque, velvety texture and its matte finish.  Each painting is an experiment in visual sensation.  Much of the imagery are descendants of flash-bulb memories I have of visual moments I found striking.  I begin each painting with a vision of the final product, but allow for—and count on—unforeseeable directional deviation.

Ellen Moershel was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma.  In May, Moershel graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from the University of Oklahoma. In September of 2010, she moved to Halifax, NS where she dedicates herself to her studio practice. Moershel has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Please visit Ellen Moershel, for more information.

Located inside the Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) office at the Halifax Seaport, since 2000, the Corridor Gallery is complimented by a historical legacy of Nova Scotia culture, simple yet modern architectural elements and an array of current cultural activity in the Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia office. The Corridor Gallery is located at 1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia and is open Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

For further information on the Corridor Gallery contact Crystal Melville, Programming Coordinator at Visual Arts Nova Scotia at (902) 423-4694,

To learn how to exhibit in the Corridor Gallery, read the exhibition guidelines and submit a proposal.

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