2 Year Anniversary of Nova Scotia’s 5 Point Plan on Arts and Culture

The following is a press release issued by Leonard Preyra, the NDP Minister of Communities Culture and Heritage updating members of the cultural community on Nova Scotia’s 5 Point Plan on Arts and Culture. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

“To Our Partners in Nova Scotia’s Arts and Culture Community:

Nova Scotia’s arts and culture sector is a priority. It was wonderful to have the opportunity today to celebrate the second anniversary of the province’s Five-Point Plan on Arts and Culture, and to announce the appointment of the new director of Arts Nova Scotia.

The province developed a framework to support and encourage creative excellence in Nova Scotia’s arts and culture community.  We listened to the community’s voices and acted on priorities they identified to help celebrate, nurture and grow an economically healthy and vibrant artistic sector in Nova Scotia. I am pleased to say we have now initiated all the points in the Five-Point Plan on Arts and Culture, including:

  •     The formation of the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council to advise government on policy and programs to support and grow the artistic sector.
  •     Status of the Artist legislation to define the term ‘professional artist’ in Nova Scotia and recognize the role and contribution of the artist while declaring his or her various rights.


  •    The formation of an interdepartmental committee to coordinate policy and funding to support the development of the creative economy. An example of this is the creation of Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia which will provide access to economic development and capital opportunities.


  •     The development of a communications strategy that includes websites for the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council and Arts Nova Scotia.


  •     And, the formation of Arts Nova Scotia, an eleven-member independent body to oversee provincial government funding that goes directly to artists.

These are just a few examples of how the province is working with its partners to build our communities and the artistic sector to make life better for Nova Scotia’s families.

What better way to celebrate the second-anniversary of the province’s Five-Point Plan on Arts and Culture than to introduce Chris Shore as the first director of Arts Nova Scotia. As Candace Stevenson, Arts Nova Scotia chair, pointed out, Chris has more than seventeen years’ experience leading and managing a number of cultural organizations in Nova Scotia. As a working artist, Chris has a unique understanding of the challenges facing artists. I wish Chris great success in this important new leadership role.

Arts and Culture is a key driver of the creative economy that is shaping the future here at home and around the world. The province’s arts and culture sector is estimated to have an economic impact of almost $1.2 billion in Nova Scotia with 28,000 thousand jobs directly or indirectly related to culture activities. I’m confident that by working together with our partners, the momentum will continue, and we will strategically position the province to reap the benefits of the creative economy for all Nova Scotians.

Yours Truly,

Leonard Preyra,
Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage”


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